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Current Line Up: Doug Sanders, Paul Wincer, Phil Edwards, Ant Wellman, Dan Rehahn, Richard Anstey

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The Lambrettas came into being in the late 1970's - they are most remembered for their second single Poison Ivy, and album Beat Boys in the Jet Age - see history below....

In 2009 Doug and Paul were asked if they would get back together to do a short set at a Modrophenia event in Brighton. As Jez could no longer be with them, and Mark was in America, they were joined by Phil Edwards on guitar and Chris Venzi-James on bass. After the Brighton gig it was clear they were back together permanently. Paul says: "we asked Mark if he wanted to come back to England, but he was settled in America and so we kept to the line-up we had rehearsed with." They are still in regular contact with Mark.

In 2014, due to other commitments Chris was replaced temporarily by Nick Beetham on bass. However, they now have full time bass player Ant Wellman, who joined them at the beginning of 2015.

In the summer of 2015 the addition of a 3-piece brass section for some shows added a new dynamic to The Lambrettas. They were Dan Rehahn, Helen Kane and Mark Mansell. Helen and Mark moved on in 2017. Dan is still around on trombone and they have been joined by Richard Anstey on sax

During January and February 2016, The Lambrettas were in the studio recording a new EP, Go 4 It. It is available in record stores on CD and vinyl. It can be found in HMV and independent shops. Also on Amazon and from our Merch Stand at gigs. During 2017 this was only available as a physical product but it is now available on download - see link

2019 will see two anniversaries for The Lambrettas. As they formed in 1979, it will mark 40 years from their beginnings. They called it a day in 1982. Since 1982 up to 2009 the band got back together now and then, but never with the intention of it being permanent. However - more currently, they have been gigging consistently since 2009, so 2019 will mark 10 years that they have been back out there. Doug has said: "it feels right on a musical and personal level - having the right people in a band is so important to maintain longevity. We all enjoy playing, have a laugh and get on well with each other." Paul says: "The band in it's current form is the best it's ever been. I enjoy it 1000 times more than I did before as I don't feel under any pressure this time." Phil said: "I love playing with The Lambrettas - performing with them is so easy and a real joy. When you see us grinning on stage it's because we're really enjoying ourselves." Other than Doug and Paul, Phil has played with The Lambrettas longer than any other member, old and new. We all know that there are always people who don't embrace change, but hope that people will come and watch us with an open mind and enjoy it for what it is. We have a firm grasp on our heritage, but also a clear idea on the future. Doug, Paul, Phil, Ant, Dan and Richard look forward to catching up with friends old and new at one of their gigs soon. We're looking forward to some exciting things for the 2019 anniversaries

A bit of history - In the late 1970's Doug Sanders and Jez Bird were playing in a band called Shakedown. They were looking for new direction in keeping with their musical tastes, so split from Shakedown to start something new.

Both could sing and play guitar and set about writing. They were soon joined by drummer Paul Wincer and bassist Mark Ellis. Doug says: “There were only a few Mods locally in Brighton and Hastings and we had no idea there would be a revival on the scale that it grew into. That’s when we decided to call the band The Lambrettas to make it as obvious as possible, so that people would know what we were about.”

Their first gig was on Hastings Pier with 4 other bands, and promoter Peter Haines offered them management. After a few months of gigs they were signed to Elton John’s Rocket Records and released their first single Go Steady. This got them some airplay and soon they were gigging more regularly. The mod revival had now grown, and clothes that they used to fight for in the charity shops were now on sale in the High Street. Their second single was Poison Ivy. Soon after, their album Beat Boys in the Jet Age was released.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Cracking Tunes From Pop Geniuses, 18 Jan 2002

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This review is from: Beat Boys in the Jet Age

"When the NME writers got together in 1989 to list their top 100 of the albums of the 1980's-Who would have thought a 79 Mod band would be in there alongside U2 and Bruce Springsteen? Beat Boys In The Jet Age is one of the best pop albums ever made, with one of the most imaginative sleeves. The Lambrettas would have worked on any audience, they didn’t need the mod credentials as a crutch. What a bonus we mods got them as our band."

Third single was Da a ance which coincided with UK and European tours. A full discography is on the website.

After 8 singles, 2 albums and gigging for over 3 years, they called it a day for a while. You can find a full Gig list from 1979-1982 by Clicking Here